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information update 3.22.19

Active from 2001 to 2006, deadman was a unique presence in the visual kei scene.

It has been decided that both vocalist Mako and guitarist aie will perform as deadman for the first time in 13 years. That day's live will have bassist Tetsu (Merry) and drummer Asanu (lynch.) as support members.

After deadman and mako became inactive, there was hardly any activity on the surface, but there are still many enthusiastic listeners, including foreign fans. aie then worked with the studs, the god and death stars, and gibkiy bibkiy gibkiy (1), solidifying his place as a multitalented guitarist, vocalist, and composer as well. after that, deadman's sound and performances had a big influence on the scene. Why now, after 13 years of inactivity? Why are there two people? And what are they trying to express and communicate on that stage? It will certainly be a night to pay attention to.

(1) sic, mispelling of gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy

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